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Armen Tour-DMC is a division of  Armen Tour Travel company , based in  Armenia since
1997.The company is known for providing high quality products and optimum service with comprehensive destination knowledge. Our incentive team works on unique ideas, creative conception and a full program design for incentive travel. Our professional staff and project managers are known for their dynamic and innovative operation, which has proven itself time and time again in the conception and management of movement and turning every idea and tour into reality.  We know that first class service is the key to remain in business.

Our services include the following:
•    Great places, special events location
•    New program development
•    Expert venue finding service
•    Conference logistics and detailed programs planning
•   Photographers and videographers
•    Decoration and entertainment
•    Hospitality and fine food
•    Meetings, conferences
•    Deluxe hotels
•    Corporate parties
•    Coffee break and cocktail
•    Birthday parties
•    Picnics
•    Transport services  and guides