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Casinos-*There are many casinos around Yerevan as in the city they are forbidden.
Shangri-La is a Casino in Yerevan, Erevan, Armenia and is open daily 24 hours. The casino’s gaming space features 200 gaming machines and sixteen table games. The property has one restaurant and one bar. Here are organized concerts of famous singers and artists.

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Night life-Yerevan is full of night entertainment. It become more active during the winter months when open air cafes close for the season. Hotels, nightclubs and casinos open almost all night. The Casino district is near the airport, it is bright and shinny at nights. The best places to visit are nightclubs that provide live entertainment, good food and drinks as well as exotic dancing after the midnight.
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Opera and Ballet-The Armenian National Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre in Yerevan was founded in 1932 and was opened on January 20, 1933. The opening of the theatre promoted the creation of new national operas and ballets. The first Armenian ballet was Happiness by Aram Khachaturian. On the basic of this ballet the composer soon created Gayane which has been performed all over the world. Since 1935 a unique Armenian opera, Anoush by Armen Tigranyan, has been performed. It was a great step in Armenian opera history. Anoush is in the repertoire of the theatre until now. Since it was opened, the Armenian National Opera & Ballet Theatre has performed more than 200 different operas and ballets by Armenian, Russian and West European composers.
Spiritual music-we organize a concert of spiritual music in the monasteries of Armenia.the Armenian religious Choral tradition is among the oldest worldwide and is recognized as a very impressive art.