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The territory of Tsakhkadzor (in Armenian the word means Gorge of Flowers) was inhabited yet from the ancient times, the evidence of which are the archeological finds from the abovementioned area. In the course of III-V cc. the forests surrounding this settlement were game-preserves and served for royal hunt. In the XI century Grigor Magistros the Pahlavuni gave orders to construct the church of Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator), laying the groundwork for Kecharis monastery complex, which has been prospering up till the close of XIV century. In 1828 as a consequence of unification of Eastern Armenia with Russia, thousands of Armenians migrated from Persia and Western Armenia and got established in the villages of Darachichagh region (Tsakhkadzor). In the 70s of the XIX century the settlement got populated by Malacans. In the end of XIX century the cream of the crop and influential residents of Yerevan and Tbilisi constructed numerous cottages here. Up till the October Revolution Tsakhkadzor used to be the best summer recreation residence of Yerevan governmental officials. In the Soviet years Tsakhkadzor preserved and developed its traditions of a tourist town. Here were constructed about two dozens of summer pioneer camps, approximately a dozen of rest houses were thousands of people from all over our Republic as well as different parts of the Soviet Union spent their summer holidays. Various conferences and scientific congresses were held in Tsakhkadzor, making it popular and well-known from that perspective as well.

In 1966-67 was constructed the main Sports Complex of USSR, which brought to Tsakhkadzor international recognition and fame. Here were being trained the best national teams for participating in Olympic Games and World Championships. In 1962-72 on the slope of Teghenis Mountain was built the seat rope-way which made Tsakhkadzor attractive in winter, too. This fact notably contributed to the development of skiing. The flow of those, visiting Tsakhkadzor during winter months remarkably increased. In 1984 Tsakhkadzor received status of a town.

Kecharis Monastery Complex

The marvelous monastery complex of Kecharis is in the Northwestern part of the town. The Kecharis Monastery (11-13th cc) comprises three churches and two chapels. Its territory has many khachkars of the 12th to 14 th cc. The principal church of St. G.Lousavorich is of the central-domed type. South of the principal church is the little church of St.Nshan. Next to it is the Katoghike church built in the 13th c following the traditional cross-domed pattern. The 4th church of the monastic complex is the St. Harutyun. The monastery has a small chapel with the tomb of the founder of the monastery Grigor Magistros Pahlavouni.

Orbeli Brothers Museum
The Orbeli brothers were born in a noble family of intellectuals. Their father, Abgar Orbeli (1849-1912), had graduated from the Petersburg University, faculty of Law. He was an educated person and possessed a huge and affluent library. The Orbeli’s mother, Varvara Movses Arghoutyan (1857-1937), descended from a duke family and had graduated from Tiflis female gymnasium. The elder son of Abgar Orbeli, Rouben (1880-1943), followed his father’s footsteps and also graduated from Petersburg University, faculty of Law. Before the October Revolution he used to work in Senate in the capacity of Secretary of Appeal Committee. But later on he abandoned jurisprudence and indulged in submarine archeology, making his aim to investigate the cultural values lying in the seabed. The middle brother, Levon Orbeli (1982-1958), was born in Tsakhkadzor. He graduated form Petersburg Army Medical College. He was the disciple of famous Russian physiologist Pavlov. The discovery of cerebrum and the new regularities of its controlling effect activities are connected with his name. In 1942 he was elected Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of USSR; later on he was appointed Head of Army Medical College. Levon Orbeli was a factual member of both the Academy of Sciences of USSR and ASSR. The younger son of Abgar Orbeli, Hovsep Orbeli (1887-1961), graduated from the Historical-Philological faculty of Petersburg University and was the follower of famous specialist of Eastern and Armenian Studies Nikoghayos Mar. Hovsep Orbeli is recognized as a considerable specialist of Eastern and Armenian Studies, eminent representative of scientific world, Director of Leningrad’s Hermitage Gallery and the first president of the Academy of Sciences of ASSR.


On the slope of Teghenis Mountain stretches out the 4-level rope-way that is
5 136m long and is 1900-2940m above the sea level. The old rope-way, which was constructed in 1969, was commissioned until 2004, and during 2004-2007 the four stations of the new rope-way were built by «Lightener» Austrian-Italian Company. The length of the first station is 1272m, and its carrying capacity is 1200 persons per hour, the second station is 1360m long with carrying capacity of 600 persons per hour. The length of the third station is 1750m, and its carrying capacity is 600 persons per hour. The length of the fourth station is 987m, and its carrying capacity is 600 persons per hour. Ski lifts have also been constructed. The rope-way hands perfect opportunity to indulge in winter sports. There are sports equipment rental services, café and a tea-house on the territory adjacent to the rope-way.


”Multi Rest House” hotel complex is located in the town of Tsakhkadzor. You can visit it any time since it can guarantee the rest for you the year around. “Multi Rest House” creates also many opportunities for sport holidays.

Conference Hall, Capacity 80

Total number of rooms is 270. 15 cottages, 2 family buildings with 4 rooms,
42 rooms, out of which 2 luxury, 17 standard, 23 double bed.
Facilities: conference hall for 80 persons, restaurant, bar, sauna, fitness club, swimming pool, gaming field, tennis court, billiard.
Room: bathroom, mini-bar, satellite-TV, telephone.

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Tsakhkadzor General Sport Complex

Total number of rooms 182, including 64 double, 98 single, 20 luxe.
Facilities: 24-Hour Front Desk, Non-Smoking Rooms, Elevator, Safety Deposit Box, Soundproofed Rooms, Heating,  Restaurant for 350-400 persons, Beauty saloon, Luggage and Ski Storage, Free conference hall with projector, Meeting Facilities, Billiards, Business Centre, Laundry, Ironing Service,  Rollaway Bed, Concierge Services.
Rooms: Shower, hair-drier, satellite TV (23 channels) phone, refrigerator, a Jacuzzi, kitchenette with Jumbo brand utensils, LCD TV and DVD (Deluxe rooms).

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HOTEL Kecharis


34 comfortable rooms, including Duplex & Lux Suites, Econom, Business, Semi Lux rooms,
Facilities: Beauty salon, sauna, bowling, billiard.
Rooms: bathroom, mini-bar, direct-dial phone, satellite and cable TV.
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Jupiter hotel is situated in the center of Tsaghkadzor. It is a modern hotel with all conveniences, where all conditions are created for guests’ pleasure. Suitable location, cozy rooms and friendly staff make Jupiter hotel a pleasant place to have a rest in Tsakhkadzor.

Conference Hall, Capacity 35-45 people

25 rooms, including 10 economy, 2 business, 9 semi-luxe and 4 luxe.
Facilities: Business centre, restaurant, bar, discotheque, sauna, billiard.
Room: bathroom, mini-bar, direct dial phone, sattelite and cable TV.

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