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Our country’s history, culture, art and nature, offer unique opportunities on which we want to turn your staying into an unforgettable experience. Armen Tour- DMC invites you to be a part of a unique travel experience. The increasing numbers of foreign visitors who travel every year to Armenia, have discovered a beautiful country with fascinating history ,old culture, delicious local cuisine and above all friendly, hospitable people.

Why Armenia?
Ancient history and old traditions-Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world, the co-eval of Assyria,Babylon,Persia and Rome.It is not surprising that during archaeological excavations the artifacts found here are about 6000 years old.

Biblical country

Mount Ararat is considered by biblical tradition to be where Noah’s ark rested after the forty day flood described in the Bible. Armenia was the first country in the world to officially embrace Christianity as the official religion of the country. Armenia has 40 centuries of fascinating history. Armenians consider themselves to be direct descendants of Noah after the biblical flood. They believe that the Biblical Garden of Eden was placed in Armenia. Ararat, which was located in the heart of Armenia was a Holy Mountain for the ancient people.

More than 6000 architectural monuments and culture: The sources of Armenia culture date back centuries. The Armenian highlands, being the cradle of the Armenian nation, have preserved undeniable evidence of Stone Age in the cave-houses of the primitive man. Later centuries witnessed an evolution and perfection of the architectural mind. Thousands of architectural compositions from different centuries are scattered all over the territory of Armenia. Numerous monuments and masterpieces of the Ancient era and Middle Ages can be found throughout the country.

Armenian Art-Numerous monuments of art, especially of architecture, which have survived on the country’s territory far beyond the limits of the Armenian upland, the high artistic merits distinguishing these monuments, their rare beauty and profound distinctiveness. The art, the music ,the dance are the secrets that encircle visitors of Armenia.

Culinary The Armenian cuisine has inherited ideas from each of the civilization that controlled its territory. The Armenian cuisine is different not only from the cuisine of the other nations, but presents dissimilarities even across Armenia’s territory.

World famous Brandy The Legends of Ararat are not only the secrets of preparation of each of our brandies. Traditions, myths and real events, comprising the national coloring and history of Ararat valley, are also parts of legends. In the composition of each brandy there is a unique combination of generosity of vine, tradition, craftsmanship, technology, patience and culture. Each legend is unique. Armenian brandies are organic in all situations, they satisfy various tastes and customs of connoisseurs of brandy all over the world.